Each year around September time starts what is fondly termed as the Skiers’ Silly Season when an inordinate number of invitations are sent or emailed to ski journalists inviting them to attend a variety of lunches, drinks receptions and splendid dinners all in the name of skiing mostly taking place during September and October. In fact I have yet to be acquainted with a sport that is as hospitable as the sport of skiing.

Last year’s season kicked off in its usually manner with an early September launch of ‘Where to Ski and Snowboard’ guide edited by two keen skiers, Chris Gill and Dave Watts who I’ve known for ages and is always attended by the great and good from the world of skiing. What is particularly nice about this launch is that it always takes place at the iconic Liberal Club, a stone’s throw from Whitehall and attracts well over 100 guests ranging from Ski PR’s, resort representatives and the usual hardcore group of ski hacks. Clearly, a great way to way to catch up with all the ski gossip, what’s in and what’s out and even sometimes arrange the odd ski press trip for the forthcoming season. Only, this year instead of going home armed with a pristine copy of the latest edition of  ‘Where to Ski and Snowboard’ guide, it’s now only available to download on the website. How the world changes.

This was followed by  ABTOF’s annual ski lunch the next day, now a permanent fixture at the Tara Hotel just off Kensington High Street and attended by many from last night’s bash. On arrival you are given a badge with a table number on it and throughout the lunch hacks stay put on  pre-assigned tables while travel agents and pr’s change tables after each course only this means you never quite know who you’ll be sitting next to…? Park City’s media party was the next on the list and held at the fabulous Gym restaurant near St Pancreas station on what must have been one of the warmest autumn days ever experienced. Despite the warm and sticky weather, it was a fun party with lots of wine and delicious canapes to keep everyone happy.

Into October and the turn of Cortina d’ampezzo’s launch at the National Academy when new developments and changes taking place over the coming season are discussed and outlined by resort representatives.  Again many of the familiar faces at past events were there including PR Sue Freeman who also handle’s Cortina PR. It is not always convenient to accept all invites, a few dates inevitably clash as did those of Val d’Isere and Verbier parties, this time it a golf press trip I had agreed to on which meant missing out on a few ski parties?.

The Ski Club’s annual bash held at Putney Rowing Club is always good event to go to and conveniently not too far from where I live. But it was at the next day’s opening of the Telegraph’s Ski Show that saw the most prolific number of parties that started around mid-day and continued until early evening. As far as I can remember Austria was the most popular followed by France and the USA!

Apologies blogs are out of sinc but blame the busy season leading up to Christmas, and afterwards

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