Friends in Sandbanks had suggested staying for a couple of weeks from the end of July when they were in Canada to look after Jake their adorable Springer spaniel. I’ve known Jake since he was a small pup and was delighted to help out beside a couple of weeks by the sea was a perfect after a busy summer and taking Jake for long walks along sandy beaches very appealing.  

Sadly the weather wasn’t nearly as warm and sunny as it had been during the month of July and disappointingly, mostly overcast. My daily routine of taking Jake for walks along the beach barefooted, and paddling in the warmish sea was if anything very therapeutic. Twice during the first week I managed to escape to the Cowes Week Regatta after arranging for someone to look after Jake. This year ‘Lendy’ was Cowes new sponsor although it took a little while to understand what they actually represented but clearly they did a good job sponsoring the regatta.

Tuesday was perfect sailing weather and the day I decided to pop over to Cowes. Fortunately Leo, my friendly photographer had managed to get me the last free slot on the photographer’s press boat but only provided I kept out of everyone’s way. Watching the racing from the photographer’s press boat is always exciting as most of the time is spent speeding up and down the course watching the action at close quarters while boats round marker buoys sometimes so close to  boats you could almost hear the skipper’s instructions.  After a couple of hours on the water we returned to Cowes and I had to dash back to the Media Centre as arrangements had been made for me to interview Olympic gold medalist Hannah Mills who I found absolutely fascinating as her recounted her experiences Rio, and more recently when she was invited to the Royal Box at Wimbledon on what is regarded as ‘sporting Saturday’. She also revealed how a close up glimpse of Roger Federer descending the club’s ornate staircase before his Centre Court match, made her day!

Hannah was one of five nominees for the Elemis ‘Women in Sailing Awards, a party that was taking that evening only I was in two minds whether to go or not. My dilemma was catch the 6 o’clock ferry and be in good time to pick up Jake or stay on for the Elemis party. Well, after discovering James Norton of War and Peace fame and playing the sexy vicar in Grantchester, was also a guest, my mind was made up and ended meeting lots of interesting people and even managed a fun chat with James himself, but all good things have to come to an end and like Cinderella had to dash off to catch the 8.30 ferry back to Southampton but not before saying goodbye to James who gave me ig kiss on both cheeks, and then ran all the way the Red Ferry Hydrofoil with a huge grin on my face but at least I arrived in time to pick up Jake that evening!

The rest of the time spent in Sandbanks was a bit of a whirl, friends popped by and my sister came to stay a couple of nights. I even managed to fit in a game of tennis on the day I was due to drive back to London something I had been trying to organise all week. We ended up playing for about three hours in windy conditions which played havoc with my game but it was all worth while. In all I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in Sandbanks in spite of the mostly inclement weather. 





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