For the past six months I had vaguely thought about buying a new car to replace my aging 14-year-old Honda Civic which although had served me well, was definitely showing its age with over 100,000 miles on the clock. Each time I passed a dealership and had time on my hands I’d pop in to inspect whatever cars on display taking notes of anything that appealed to me. Occasionally the odd salesman would pop out from a glass showrooms, ask a few questions and rather like a cuckoo clock, pop back in again. After endless fruitless visits to forecourts and promises that car details would be emailed to me, nothing materialised. Soon I was tearing my hair out with frustration but what I failed to understand is that the reason I was being ignore was that I was a cash buyer! Soon it became blatantly obvious that dealers were less interested in cash buyers and more interested those looking tor finance! Even my local Wimbledon Honda dealer paid me little attention which is why I ended up trawling various websites including Car Giant. My other cardinal sin was was that I didn’t really know what exactly I was looking and it also became increasingly obvious that car salesman these days are reluctant to spend valuable time on someone like me, a cash buyer. Frustrated I finally resorted to contacting someone who is paid a fee to research the market to find suitable cars that meet clients demands. This also proved disappointingly ineffectual and why I finally ended up visiting the London Motor Show held in Battersea Park! (

I deliberately chose Press day for my research as there are fewer people and had the freedom to wonder from one manufacturer’s stand to another unhindered by swarms of visitors. Several salesmen were happy to chat to me and show me cars but only for a few minutes. It wasn’t until I arrived at the Mazda stand that someone deigned to spend a lot more time explaining to me all about Mazda cars, and even bothered to find out what sort of car interested me and was happy to advice me on suitable cars even though a couple stands away an important presentation was going with famous racing drivers. His explanations left me duly impressed and although we ended up exchanging business cards I didn’t for one minute think he would bother to contact me after the show. How wrong I was. 

To my utter surprise the following Monday I received a phone call from Gordon Parker of T.W White ((, who explained that T.W White is a private dealership and suggested coming to their garage in Leatherhead. Quite honestly I felt the trip would probably be a complete waste of time yet as soon as I arrived Gordon greeted me warmly and immediately introduced me to Josh who had been assigned to show me cars that would suit my needs. It was the Mazda 2 automatic that caught my eye and the one we took out for a test drive. Having already explained that I wasn’t interested in white, black, red, grey and fawn colours, the car chosen for our test drive was aptly described crystal dark blue colour and immediately appealed to me. After a few minutes we swapped seats and I took over the driving; in no time I felt at ease driving an automatic although at this stage I still an anti automatic driver but it didn’t take long to discover what a delight this nippy Mazda 2 automatic was to drive.      

Needless-to-say two hours later I became the proud owner of a new Mazda 2 5 door 1.5 sport Nav in Crystal dark blue……! The whole transaction was far less painless than anticipated and within a week drove away my prized new Mazda 2. This all goes to show that given the right person to demonstrate a new car could well result in a perfect match made in haven!








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