There’s nothing like visiting a city you feel you know well but in reality hardly at all. That’s what happened to me when I spent a few glorious days meandering round Copenhagen when my Danish girlfriend who had invited me to stay with her. We met through golf years ago but after years of travelling the world with her diplomat husband, finally came to back in her home town of Copenhagen. After much prevaricating I finally flew to Copenhagen at the end of August, and armed with Ulla’s instructions took the Metro from the airport to Christianshafen some 7 stops away where she lives in the centre of town.

IMG-20160917-WA0000Copenhagen, is in many ways ‘bike city’; everywhere are hundreds of bikes whether parked or ridden. Fortunately Ulla, who these days bikes everywhere, had conveniently found a bike for me to use, a rather clumsy sit up and beg type and even though I fell off a couple of time but, apart from a few scratches and bruises, I managed to wobble my way around Copenhagen during my entire stay. On my first evening to my amazement, Ulla bravely announced we would be biking to a place called Paper City for supper. Biking is a complete novelty for me but somehow I survived even though bikes and me are not really the best of friends. Here we ate delicious Thai food sitting outside overlooking the river on a balmy warm evening and celebrated my arrival with a glass (plastic) of delicious Italian red wine.

20160828_141359The next day we took one of the city tourist boats up and down the river which enabled me to work out my bearings. Ulla was also a wonderful guide throughout and took me all over the place (mostly by bike) to places of interest despite my often wobbly biking round the city. On Saturday we took a ‘free’ boat ride to Helsingor a new residential area still under development that also boasts several marinas with moorings for over 3,000 boats. Copenhagen is as much a city for sailors as it is for bikers. We even managed to hitch a sail on a 42 foot Janneau and sailed almost to to Malmo (in Sweden) and back via the enormous viaduct bridge that connects Denmark to Sweden. The warm balmy weather encouraged us to take a long walk along the canals and some days we sat and watched the world go by while enjoying a bottle of cold white wine. The next day Nico, Ulla’s 28 year old son arranged for us to play mixed doubles with a friend of his at Ulla’s tennis club. It goes without saying that we rode there on bikes although admittedly, by this time time I was getting quite used to my new mode of transport. Fortunately a friend of Ulla’s lent me a racket and shoes I was able to find an old pair of shorts and a multi-coloured tee shirt to wear, clothes my own tennis club would have frowned on. Tennis was fun and afterwards we all rode back via Christiana, an area where drugs are freely and openly used with police intervention.

My final evening was spent in the Tivoli Gardens which I first thought I’d hate but loved every minute. First we walked round looked at all the amazing sights, and then watched a delightful 20 minute ballet production of Cinderella accompanied by jazz music sang by one of Denmark’s top pop singers. Ulla explained that all the costumes were designed by the Queen of Denmark! Afterwards we found a table in restaurant overlooking the artificial lake where we watched a magnificent firework display just before the gardens closed – what an evening and I even managed to wobble my way back to Ulla’s place afterwards!

This was definitely a holiday with a difference and loved every minute – thank you Ulla!

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